Cargoes transportation inside EU countries

Road freight is the most popular and widespread type of cargoes shipment.
Our company can offer you regular full and partial cargoes transportation to European Union. Main directions of transportation:
•   Poland;
•   Czech Republic;
•   The Great Britain;
•   France;
•   Scandinavian countries.

Currently our company successfully import and export goods to/from the Baltic States (Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia). As well as successfully distribute goods inside Poland and Lithuania (both full and partial cargoes). We can offer good service and large choice of trucks:
•   Tarpaulin semitrailers (13,6 LDM, 82/92 m3, 24 t.);
•   Road trains (15,4 LDM, 118 m3, 22 t.);
•   Isotherms (13,6 LDM, 24 t.)
•   Refrigerators (13,6 LDM, 22 t.).

 According to the customer wish we can offer small-size trucks:
•   <2 t, 14m3;
•   <3.5t, 35m3;
•    <7.5t, 50m3.

We provide urgent delivery (depends on distance 24/72h).
Carry supplies with transit (T1) and export (EX1) declarations, also hazardous goods (ADR).




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